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VMware AppVolumes on Demand and CVAD Published Apps, Sweet dreams are made of this!

As you probably already know App-V was originally scheduled to end in January this year (2023). Recently Microsoft announced they pushed the EOL date to April 14th, 2026 so you have still have some air left. But you have to think about a new strategy to deliver the apps.

A great alternative is VMware AppVolumes! Little is known you can also use this when you use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Even better you can use this with the new amazing AppVolumes on Demand feature! What a sweet dream!

This time I created a video how easy it is to accomplish this, check it out now!

The Video:

The Sidenotes:

Some sidenotes on the video:

Step 1 - Create the application and Package in VMware AppVolumes 0:00:19:

Set the delivery to on-demand!

Step 3 - Set the package as Current and assign to users 0:01:39: Enable the "Do not deliver for these assignments at startup or login

Step 7 - Create a new Delivery group to deliver and start Notepad ++ with AppVolume on Demand attach 0:03:22:

  • Path to the executable : %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Cloudvolumes\Agent\svservice.exe

  • Command-line argument (optional) : app run {GUID of package} “Path to executable”. You can find the GUID in the AppVolumes console

  • Working directory: leave empty or %ProgramFiles(X86)%\Cloudvolumes\Agent

The Conclusion:

This is an awesome new way to deliver apps and a great alternative to App-V, even when not using VMware Horizon.

Feel free to share the video or my blog, also if you have any questions or remark don't hesitate to contact me!

Some additional links:


MDOP Support (App-V):

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